Knawat Product catalog has advanced search tools that allow you to quickly find and import products to your store.

With the catalog search filters, you can select the desired search criteria and show the products of your choice. You can combine more than one search option to show the products that you wish to add to your store.

Search for products by sizes :

By using this filter you can search for products that are available in certain sizes, especially useful when you want to search for products available in big sizes such as 2XL, 3XL, etc..

Search for products by colors :

Using this search filter will allow you to see the products that come in certain colors such as white T-shirts or black dresses.

Search for products by their description language :

Products can also be filtered to show products that have a description in a language you prefer. Knawat provides product descriptions in 3 different languages.

Search by product cost :

By using this filter only the products within the selected price range will be shown. This filter can be used to show only the premium products by selecting the filter to show only the products ''Under $10''

Search by available quantity :

This filter will help you to import the products that have a large quantity and are high in stock to your Online store. It is recommended to always set this search filter to ''High Stock''

Search by Handling time :

Some products have a shorter handling time than others, this filter can be helpful to Shorten the processing period of orders made to Knawat by selecting handling time to ''Same day''.

Search By Seller id :

If you know the id of a certain supplier, you can enter it here and only the products of this supplier will be viewed.

Search by shipping to :

Knawat has added a filter to the product catalog to be able to view only the shippable products to a selected country, which helps you to import products to your store without any shipping restrictions to the country you are targeting.

Hide Imported Products :

By using this option, you will hide the previously imported products that you have selected and avoid importing the same product again

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