1. Add it free from Magento Marketplace

  1. Go to Magento marketplace,

  2. Search for "Knawat Multilingual DropShipping" extension.

  3. Choose your Magento store version.

  4. Add the extension to cart [Knawat extension is for Free (0.00$)].

  5. Proceed to check out.

6. Click on "No payment information required"

7. Fill in your personal information (Name, Last name, City, etc,....)

8. Place order.

9. Install the Extension

2. Install Knawat Dropshipping Magento Extension

Use the commands below to install the Knawat Extension to your Magento2 store:

NOTE: This step needs SSH access, consult your system admin if you don't know how to do it.

bin/magento maintenance: enable
composer require knawat/knawat-PHP-sdk
composer require knawat/module-dropshipping
bin/magento module: enable Knawat_Dropshipping --clear-static-content
bin/magento setup: upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
bin/magento cache: clean
bin/magento cache: flush
bin/magento maintenance:disable

3. Knawat Dropshipping Magneto Configuration

Follow the below steps for the configuration :

  1. Move to Magento Admin > Dropshipping > Settings > Knawat.

  2. Add Knawat Consumer Key, Knawat Consumer Secret, and Save the configuration to connect Magento store with Knawat.

3. You can get credentials for the above keys from the Knawat dashboard > Store settings > Integration.

4.. To Import Products go to Magento Admin > Dropshipping > Product Import

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