After signing up to your Knawat account, you will need to connect your Youcan store to Knawat and then to add products to your store and manage orders for those products.

Integrate Youcan Store with Knawat

If you already have an existing Youcan store, then you can directly connect to your Knawat account.

To do so, follow these steps :

  1. From your Knawat dashboard, click Add new store > Youcan.

2. On the next page type your store URL and click create

3. You will then be prompted to Authorize the Knawat app to access your store Click the Authorize button to complete the process.

4. Select some products to import and click Import.

5. Go to the "Push products" tab on the left side of the dashboard and select the products you have imported and click Push products.

Note: during the integration process make sure you are signed in to the same Youcan store you want to connect otherwise your link will not be connected correctly.

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