About catalog

Knawat app users can easily showcase and share products with their customers by creating a catalog. Catalogs allow you to promote your products and reach more potential customers.

Users can send the entire catalog to customers that they are connected with or share their catalog link anywhere through social media or other platforms, enabling more potential buyers to discover their products and directly message them.

Create a catalog:

  1. Go to app.knawat.com.

  2. From your knawat dashboard > Web stores, click "Add new store".

3. Do you have an online store? Click No and choose WhatsApp catalog

4. Choose a name for the catalog and click Create.

Congratulations you have created your Catalog. It is that easy!!

Add Products to the catalog

Now that you have created the catalog, it is time to add some products to it.

Hop to Knawat's product catalog and pick from thousands of products available.

You can add up to 50 products to your catalog, if you need more products you can always make new catalogs. There is no limit on the number of catalogs our users can make per account.

Set Your profit

After you decide on the products click Import, you will then be asked to set your profit

this is the amount added to the cost price that your customers will see.

Ex : 10$ (Cost price) + 50% (Profit) = 15$ (Retail price) in your catalog.

Sharing on social media

In-store settings section go to social share, add your phone number, and select WhatsApp in default social action.

Catalog Color and theme

Catalog color and theme can be modified from store Store settings > catalog.

you can choose the color of your catalog, select a theme, and add a logo.

Download the catalog and start sharing

When your catalog is ready you can download it by clicking on Download catalog on the left side of the dashboard.

A new window will open and the catalog will download, the link of your catalog is as follows: mycatalog.store/name of your cataloge

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