Did you receive a "REST API error" message while trying to export products?

Have you seen a message containing "json error" while trying to send products to your store ??

Here are some reasons for the appearance of this error, in knawat we use WordPres REST API which is a genuine feature in WooCommerce and WordPress and we use it as it is in its original state without any need to modify.

If that error appears, it means your site does not accept any external source to integrate with. There are several causes for this problem:

-One of the other plugins caused the REST API to stop

-Your http server (for example, Apache or NGINX) does not accept Application / JSON external requests

-The .htaccess file has some conditions that caused the request to be rejected

To make sure that the problem is caused by the site and not by Knawat: The APIs have been tried using Postman explained here (English) and try adding your site to another service using the REST API with WooCommerce as metorik.com and checking for the same error.

If the same error still exists, please follow the following to resolve it:

-Deactivate all extensions and plugins on your site and reconnect your site with Knawat.

-Check with your site developer for error tracking and troubleshooting

-You can also provide us with your site data so that we can review the files and databases (and in this case we need two working days)

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