eBay allows you to create a variety of policies, mix and match them and automatically apply these to multiple listings or entire product categories, for example, all clothing that you sell may have:

  • A same day shipping policy
  • The method of payment is a credit card
  • And a strict no returns policy

But handbags that you sell may have:

  • A 3-day shipping policy
  • Returns of up to a month
  • And a returns policy that stipulates that the tags need to still be on the bag in order to be returned

Here is how you create a new Business Policy:

Step 1: Go to ‘My eBay’, click on ‘Account’ and then ‘Business policies’

Step 2: Click ‘create policy’ and choose the desired policy type

create ebay return policy

Step 3: Give your policy a title and description

Step 4: Select your policy details and click save

eBay return policy title and description

Here are 3 tips when it comes to creating Business Policies

  • Don’t forget or get lazy when it comes to giving your policy a title and description – this will make it easier for buyers to understand and navigate your policies and make for a smoother process
  • Consider using the readymade business policies that eBay provides – this will save you a lot of time especially if the policy they provide is close enough to what you had in mind. Consider personalizing this by giving the policy a new title
  • Try to keep the quantity of your policies to a minimum by consolidating them. ‘Less is more’ – keep it simple and reduce the level of tediousness, nobody likes pages of fine print and policies. Know your core policies and stick to those.
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