1. Knawat Dropshipping extension manual installation

Follow the steps below to manually install the extension to your Opencart store:

  • Download the .ZIP file.

  • Go to Opencart Admin > Extensions > Installer > Extension Installer > upload and upload the .zip file.

  • Move to Opencart Admin > Extensions > Modifications and click the refresh button from the top right corner.

  • Move to Opencart Admin > Extensions > Choose the extension type"Modules" > Knawat Dropshipping and click + to install the extension.

2. Add your configuration API keys

In order for the extension and product import to run smoothly in your store, make sure the following configuration is applied :

  • Go to Opencart Admin > Knawat Dropshipping and follow the below procedure for configuration.

  • Please select status to Enabled and Add Knawat Consumer Key, Knawat Consumer Secret and Save it to connect the store with knawat.

  • After a successful connection, you can start import using Run Import button.

3. CronJob Integration (Optional)

You can set Cron Job for automatic product import as follows :

  • Copy Cron endpoint URL from Opencart Admin > Knawat Dropshipping under Run Import button

Depending on your host type set Cron Job for at least two hours to synchronize product automatically from Knawat using the URL.

For Cpanel or Plesk web hosting platforms you may set up Cron Jobs using the steps in the following article


Please don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket if you need further assistance.

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