After signing up for your Knawat account, you will need to add your store and connect it. Then you can use Knawat to add products to your store and manage orders for those products.

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Create an ExpandCart store in Knawat

1. From Knawat Dashboard, click ''create a new store''.

2. Choose ''Expandcart'' from the pop-up window.

3. Enter your store's username :

Congratulations, You have successfully connected your store.

Installation of Knawat app to your ExpandCart store and configuration.

To Install Knawat to your ExpandCart store follow the steps below :

  1. From ExpandCart Dashboard, Go to ''Apps & Services'', search for the Knawat Dropshipping app, and install it.

2. You will then be directed to the App's page, Where you need to set up the required configuration to integrate your store with Knawat.

3. Complete the configuration of the Knawat Dropshipping App and enter Knawat API Keys for your store that you can obtain from your knawat account as shown in the pictures :

Congratulations, your store has been connected to Knawat Successfully and you can now start importing the products.

Import products from Knawat to your store.

Now you are ready to add products and import them to your store, to do so :

  1. Go to Knawat Dashboard > Products Catalog.

  2. Select products and click ''Import''

You can see the products that you have selected from the ''My products'' Menu.

3. Go to the Knawat DropShipping app page on your ExpandCart store dashboard and click ''Run Import''.

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