Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping

Follow these steps to integrate your Woocommerce Store with Knawat:

1. Log in to your Knawat account, and You will find a small square on the Top left side above Dashboard

2. Click click in the small square and it will open a new window then you will click on > Add New Store

A popup window will be open that contains options for stores that can be integrated with Knawat, choose your store type (Woocommerce)

Type your Site URL, Shop Name, select your store supported language, choose a currency then click on Save

Log into your Woocommerce store admin

Click on plugins -Add new

Search for "Knawat Woocommerce drop shipping" and click on "install now"

Your shop has been successfully connected

  • Kindly contact our customer service, if you got any error while integrating

* Do not update your store version if you find that there is a new update without consulting Knawat customer service to avoid any change in Knawat products appearance inside your store



 Send your store invoice in a PDF format containing your logo/ selling price to [email protected] to allow Knawat to include your store invoice to your created order 

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