Through this article, we will explain the product import properties of the Knawat Dropshipping app and how you can send orders from your store to Knawat.

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Importing Products from Knawat

You can Import all the products you select from Knawat to your ExpandCart store with a single click and enjoy automatic quantity and price updates. Orders are also automatically created on your Knawat account.

First, to access the app, you will need to click on ''Apps & Services'' from the store control panel, search for the Knawat app and click ''App Setup''

On this page, there is an icon called ''Run import''. Once you click on it all the selected products by you on your account at the Knawat website will be imported and uploaded automatically to your store product catalog. All products will be uploaded with price, quantity, photos, product details, and any other product information.

Importing Products to a specific Category

If you wish to import products from Knawat to a specific category in your store, you can select that category from the App settings as follows :

Let's say you have selected some Women products from Knawat and you want to import them to your Women's category in your store, then you can select the category as shown below :

This process should be repeated for each category individually and for each product import process, each time only newly added products from Knawat will be uploaded to the chosen category.

Orders Fulfillment

Orders are automatically created on your account at Knawat, meaning that when a product is ordered from your store by your customers, this order will also appear on your Knawat account. You can set up automatic sync for orders between knawat and your store as follows :

  1. Make sure that " Sending orders Status'' is set to '' Processing'' from Knawat Dropshipping app.

2. When an order is received for the product(s) imported from Knawat, Move to that order and change the status to ''Processing''.

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