An application called Knawat Dropshipping has been provided inside your store dashboard, allowing you to start your business or grow your existing company risk-free. Start dropshipping Turkish fashion products on your store effortlessly today!

All products are offered at wholesale cost. The cost you see is what you pay, even in single quantities. You have the freedom to choose the price your customers pay based on your desired profit margin.

This allows you to be competitive in your niche and build your marketing strategy.

Import all selected products in Knawat to your ExpandCart store with a single click, and enjoy automatic quantity and price updates. Orders are also automatically created on your Knawat account.

At the beginning to access the application, please go from the store control panel to Apps and Services

Through this article, we will explain the properties of this app which is divided into two parts (Knawat Dropshipping Settings, Import Products from Knawat)

Part 1: Knawat Dropshipping Settings

Inside this part, you can control to enable or disable the full application, also your account will set your account at Knawat website via the following fields:

inside this box, you can put the user name of your account at Knawat site

Inside this box, you can put the password of your account at Knawat site ...

Please click at Save icon after finishing the previous setups

The following picture is an example for clarification


Part 2: Import Products from Knawat

inside this part, there is an icon called Run import. Once you click on it all the selected products by you on your account at Knawat website will be imported and downloaded automatically inside your store control panel in the product settings

All products will be downloaded with price, quantity, photos, product details, and other product information ... also there is a feature that quantity and price are automatically updated when Existence an update on the products inside the Knawat website

The product orders are automatically created on your account at Knawat, meaning that when a product is ordered from your store by your customers, this order will also appear on your account at Knawat website. You can then complete the order and send the product to the customer.

Next image for illustrating the place of run import icon

This application is available for free on Enterprise Package only ... The price of the application on other packages is 29$

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