Knawat offers to its customers a six months free store with Expandcart which allows the import a maximum of 1000 Knawat products, in case you need unlimited import for the products please contact: [email protected] 

How to get the offer : 

1-Register to Knawat by clicking 

2- Click the link and follow the steps :

A-If you do not have a domain name, you can select "Register a new domain" or buy a domain from another source such as

B- If you have an active domain name just select" Transfer your domain from another registrar" or "I will use my existing domain and update my DNS "

You will receive an email notification from Expandcart containing your store details

Congrats! you have your Free store now! 

Next step:

1-Integrate your new expand cart store with your Knawat account, click for steps 

2- log into your expand cart store admin and choose "Apps and services

3-Type in search "Knawat Dropshipping" then click on "install"

4-After installing Knawat app, insert the API KEYS by clicking on Edit

5-To get the Knawat API keys please go to your Knawat dashboard

6- From Web-stores tab click on actions then select settings you will find the keys at the bottom of the store settings page

Congrats! your Free store is ready now! start importing the products and sell!

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