In this article, we are going to outline some online marketing tools that you might need when starting an online store. You may be familiar with a marketing tool or two in here; others might be new to you. But from simplifying your social media marketing efforts to project management, each of these tools will help you get that competitive edge you’re after.

It is a website through which, you can post things on many social media platforms at the same time, but the Basic plan allows you to post on 2 social networks only.

Allows you to search for any Hashtag and analyze it.

Analyzes hashtags & shows you the 10 most trending Hashtags

in the last 24 hours.

This website allows you to add specific Tabs to your page along with many other services.

Allows you To buy a ready design instead of getting one from a graphic designer.

through this website, you can see the ideas used in a specific website, you can also compare pages performances.

An online tool for social media analytics and monitoring. It helps social media managers and agencies to engage fans better and reach a growing community in social networks.

Analyzes web page performance and provides you with tools that you can use to improve the performance of your page.

This Website allows you to confirm that the link you are using is not used by someone else.

By using this website you can design an infographic and upload it to Pinterest.

A website that allows you to edit pictures, performs like photoshop.

This website gives you the most researched words by users.

Would you add any other tools to this list? Did you use any of these as you launched your store? Share your thoughts with us: [email protected].

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