It is a closed three-element chain that has: physical customers, suppliers, and online stores/retailers. Dropshipping is an endless cycle where customers order products from a retailer that doesn’t have real stock. The retailer then orders those products from the supplier and suppliers usually deliver products to customers.

Another method might be that suppliers ship products to retailers who then deliver them to their customers However when using this method retailers need to have a physical area for inventory (i.e., warehouse), and here comes the role of Knawat. It acts as a liaison between the supplier and the retailer.

With its fulfillment services, Knawat collects items from suppliers, checks their quality, and ship them directly to the retailer's customers. Knawat can also send the orders with the retailer’s invoice and logo and provides worldwide delivery.

Knawat's dropshipping platform connects trading companies (Suppliers) that are interested in marketing their products with many private e-stores to become one of their channels that market their products all over the international markets for an " agreed on" share of profits. With drop shipping, you can be successful with your retail store with a small capital investment.

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