We’ve created this 'Getting started' to help you set up your knawat account, and then build on the basics!. There are a lot of ways to improve your business by using knawat (but you don’t have to cover them all right away to get started) :

1. Knawat Main Dashboard:
After you log in to your Knawat account, you will arrive at our step-by-step guide page, which you can always access later by clicking on the dashboard view button as shown in the pictures below :

The dashboard also comes with another version as shown below in the picture :

2. Add Your Store:

You can choose where you want to display the products and add your store by clicking on one of the following options :

On my e-commerce store: If you already own an online store, you can directly connect it with Knawat.

I don't have an e-commerce store: If you don't have an online store, you can create a free one.

I don't have an e-commerce store: If you don't have an online store, you can create a free one.

I want to sell on social media: Design your personal catalog, add products to the catalog and share it with everyone through WhatsApp to start selling and making a profit

3. Integration Setup:
After selecting your store platform/engine, you need to set up the integration process of your store with Knawat. The followings are setup guides for the platforms that Knawat currently supports:

Woocommerce integration

Shopify integration

ExpandCart integration

Magento 2 integration

OpenCart integration

CSV: download products in excel

API integration

4. Products catalog :
Here is where you can find all the products and their categories :

You can also make use of the Filters, where you can browse products according to the size, color, brand, price, and many other filter options.

6. Import Products:
Once you select the products that you are interested in, click the "Import" button, as follows:

After Clicking the "Import" button, the products will be transferred to the "My Product" page.

7. Store Settings:

This menu deals with the settings of your stores such as the Info of your store, selecting profit, adding branded invoice to be sent with the orders you make, integration settings, adding user accounts to your managed stores, subscription status of your store, and Activity Logs

Profit Margin

From your store settings tab, you can access your product’s profit margin. Choose the profit margin that you are aiming for, click save, and the selling prices in your store will change automatically for the imported products. You can change the margin percentage at any time and it will be automatically changed in your store. 

Branded Invoice:

Here you can design the invoice for the orders you make through Knawat, the invoices can be attached and sent to the end customers upon the request of the store owner.

 9. Sales orders:

Under this module, you can find your "Sale Orders", their updated status, tracking info, and other details:

You can get detailed info about your sales order by clicking on it :

10. Subscription Upgrade:
You can upgrade your subscription to get access to thousands of Turkish products along with some amazing features that knawat provides to help you grow your business and increase the profitability of your store.





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