How to start your business with Knawat 

  1. Open a Knawat Account
    Log in to, and open an account where you record your email, mobile number and password.

2. Check Knawat Main Dashboard
You will find Knawat Main Dashboard, with a variety of options and control as follows:

This dashboard has another version that you can deal with as follows:

3. Add Your Store:
Click on the "Add New Store" as it is shown below:

And a new window will pop up as follows:

If you have a store, press "Yes" and a pop us message will appear to you. Here you can choose the store you work with to integrate with Knawat, as follows:

If you do not have a store, press "No" and a pop us message will appear to you.
Here you can choose a store that you can start with to work with Knawat, as follows:

4. Integration Setup:
After selecting your store platform/engine, then you need to set up the integration process of your store with Knawat as follows: 

Woocommerce integration

Shopify integration

ExpandCart integration

Magento 2 integration

OpenCart integration

CSV: download products in excel

API integration

eBay integration

Amazon integration- Coming soon 

5. Browse products:
On the right menu side, click on Products Catalog where you will find all the products and categories

You can also make use of the "Filter" button, where you can get advanced info about the products that you look for, as follows:

Then,  you are supposed to check the products details, and press "Select Product" for the ones that you are interested about.

6. Import Products:
Once you select the products that you are interested in, then you will need to press "Import" button, as follows:

After pressing "Import" button, the products will be transferred to "My Product" page, as follows:

7.Profit margin:

Click on Your Profit module, and put the margin profit, and press save changes, and that will result in showing your selling prices in your store, 

8. Invoices:

Here you can recharge your Knawat account balance, using your credit card, and once we receive orders from your store, we will deduct the cost of these items automatically, and ship the products to your customer any place in the world.

 9. Sales orders:

Under this module, you can find your "Sale Orders", their updated status, and details:

You can also press on any of the sales order, and you will get detailed info about, as shown below:

10. Subscription Upgrade:
Here you can upgrade your subscription to get access to thousands of Turkish products along with amazing features according to the plan that you want:





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