Each store can be controlled by multiple users, each user can have one or more role(s)
Each user can control multiple stores

Paid plans (Basic and Premium) are able to add users by entering the user email address and selecting a role as shown below:

Store settings > Users

What are the different roles that can be assigned to the users?  


  • Can access the "Accounting" page

  • Can access the "Profit" page

  • Can edit the store billing address

  • Can charge Knawat account balance

  • Can pay for orders (if he has also "orders" permission)

  • Can update current profit


  • Can access the "Sales Orders" page

  • Create a new order

  • Can list all orders

  • Cancel orders


  • Can access the "Catalog" page

  • Can access the "My Products" page

  • Can access the "Push Products" page

  • Can edit store shipping methods?

  • Can search catalog products

  • Can import/delete products

  • Can push products

  • Download products CSV file


Have all the previous permission plus :

  • Can add/edit/delete store users

  • Can update store settings

  • Can archive store (remove access to the store for all users except the users with owner permission)

  • Can re-sync store products

  • Can access store API keys

  • Can view store logs

  • Can re-validate store


•Has all the owner permissions, except they can not access financial information, or pay any order

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