How to start your business with Knawat 


Add your store 

1. Log in to your Knawat account, and You will find a small square on the Top left side above Dashboard

2. Click click in the small square and it will open a new window then you will click on > Add New Store



  • Select your store platform/engine, and start setup integration


Woocommerce integration

Shopify integration 

Expand cart integration 

Magento integration 

 Open cart integration 

CSV: download products in excel 

API integration

eBay integration 

Amazon integration- Coming soon 


Browse products


  • Click on Products catalog then click on Advanced filter button, you can check the option you want to hide as showing in the below screenshot press one click for products you want to sell and after you choose all products, go to import to send them to your store






Profit margin:

Click on Your profit menu and put the margin that will result in showing your selling price to your customers in your store


Check your recharged balance
 when you start receiving orders check your balance by clicking on the accounting menu if you don’t have balance: add money to your wallet and pay the cost of your orders


Sales orders 

You can know the order status by clicking on Sales orders menu and Knawat will send you an Email to notify you once your order status is updated. If you have balance: orders will be processed automatically and shipped to your clients







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